The Sundsjöö family builds a second floor of their house

The Sundsjöö family’s house project with roof lifting

We moved into an older existing house in February 2016 and had many ideas and thoughts about what we wanted to do with the house. In the existing older house there was one top floor and a small half staircase down to a lower floor. We wanted to lift another floor and get a house with three floors. It was a rather complex construction that required a lot of planning and thought. We sketched together on all the details and how we would proceed to get to the dream house according to our vision. 

This is what the house looked like from the beginning
The house is growing

We did a large part of the work ourselves and took external help from local suppliers for, among other things, major elements such as the addition of a completely new floor. We were able to live in the house during the whole time that the construction work was going on, which was a great advantage, even if it got a little messy at times. 

We have begun preparations for the construction of the house where we extended the ground slab. The house will also be expanded.
Our house completed

Below is our house completed and you no longer recognize the original house as it has been redesigned in both shape, appearance and size.

The house from the side
The house from the front
The three choices we are most satisfied with

Two large and important interior design choices we had a long decision-making process about were the stairs that are in the middle of the whole house and the white-glazed floor that would match the stairs. We are happy that we let this take its time because now we are really happy with the end result. We are also very pleased with the construction of the house as a whole.

The stairs go between all three floors
The stairs go between all three floors
The white glazed floor is located in all central parts of the house. We considered different types of floors for a long time and we are very happy today with the choice we finally made now that we see the whole floor layed out
The white glazed floor is also on the top floor
Our best tips for others who are planning to build a new house
  • Be sure to know the plot and the surroundings and plan the house based on these conditions.
  • Think about how the flow of light should flow through the house. If you have a lot of light flow and light colors on floors and walls, it is important to break with dark colors in other interiors, see the pictures below where we have broken off some parts with dark colors. We think it looks very stylish.
  • Build maintenance-free with a good choice of materials
Dining room part with strong light flow requires dark furniture
Beautiful light flow at the dining table
In the kitchen we break off with a blue background wall and kitchen doors in gray
We thrive in our cozy conservatory that we built at the back of the house
What 3 things do you like best about the place where you live
  • The location in Täby Kyrkby where we are close to everything – communications, shops, wildlife, etc.
  • The charm of the surroundings – old historic buildings, park-like environments, Lake Vallentuna a 10 min walk away, the hilly landscape and much more.
  • Our nice neighbors and where our children are the same ages as several of the children on the street.
If you could have done everything over from the beginning, is there anything you would have done differently?

We would have made a much larger laundry room! It is nice to have plenty of space when sorting and folding laundry. Then we would probably also have changed the windows, larger size and placed them differently.

Our bathroom on the top floor
The glossy tile on the walls fits well with the matte tile on the floor
A lovely skylight makes the bathroom feel bigger
Finally – how do you like your home today?

On a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 is the lowest rating and 5 the highest, it will be a clear 5 – we simply thrive!😀

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