Refurbishment of terrace

Spring 2020 refurbishment
The Rosenqvist family bought their house and built their terrace over 15 years ago.  They now decided it was time for a proper refurbishment of the entire terrace. The fence needed to be replaced, we needed to change the pool lines, sand down and oil the wooden frame around the pool, replace the fence and when we were still working we took the opportunity to expand the terrace. We have started to grow a lot of plants, flowers and vegetables so we need a large terrace where we can fit everything 🙂

This is what the terrace and the fence looked like before we started the project
This is what the old terrace looked like after we removed the fence and the interior
Here we have torn off the whole terrace, only the pool and the old pool liner that remains
Slowly but surely we start building the new terrace and as you can see it will be much bigger at the same time as we build the whirlpool into the terrace
Here, the entire terrace is ready and the new fence is also in place

Newly found interest in plants and crops

A great interest that has been added in recent years is the cultivation of basically everything that can be grown 🙂 It is everything from vegetables, herbs, flowers, shrubs and trees. We have a large greenhouse at the back of the garden where most things are grown, but not everything can fit there, so both the terrace and other areas in the garden may become new growing areas. It is so fun to see everything that grows, to be able to eat according to the season and to be able to give away to families, friends and acquaintances.

Cultivations are underway here
Here you see the new pool liner and even more plantations and trees, when they grow they are planted out in the garden
We also have a lovely tent for hot sunny days and cold and rainy evenings
The terrace was large but it fits our family well which consists of three teenage children, 3 adults and lots of dogs and cats
We were so happy with the new pool liner 🙂