Our House Building Story

My name is Magdalena and together with my husband Claes and my two children Mikaela and Max we found our dream location for building a house in 2015 and this is our house building story. 

This is me and my family on a vacation to Puerto Rico, Spain


Täby Kyrkby is a small town close to Stockholm city and is a beautiful place known for its rich history which goes back all the way to the bronze age. The Vikings had, during the 1000s, a strong grip of Täby which back then was a prosperous countryside. Through the 37 known rune carvings that exist in Täby today, we know alot about the Viking Age and the people from back then. The most talked about Viking of runic carvings was Jarla Banke – a viking who was the head of Täby and who lived in Täby Kyrkby.

We first moved to Täby Kyrkby in 2006 when Mikaela was born. Much of what we were looking for we found here such as close to nature, water, god public transportations, restaurants, a small town center with a bakery, grocery store, pharmacy, flower shop, and more. In addition, the environment was picturesque and gave a small town feel in the middle of the Stockholm area.

Highlights of the area:


Just nearby is Lake Vallentuna which offers beautiful natural paths to walk in and is a popular skating area in the winter.

Vallentunasjön which is beautifully situated in Täby municipality and Vallentuna municipality.

Nygårds Värdshus

In the countryside in Täby Kyrkby there is a small 19th century cottage called Skänkstugan  and next to it is the manor – Nygårds Värdshus . The food is fantastic and the staff welcoming and friendly.  We have a 10 minute walk to this lovely place! .

Nygårds Värdshus and Skänkstugan

Täby Church

Dating back to the 13th century, this beautiful church is located in the middle of Täby Kyrkby. Extensions took place during the 14th and 15th centuries. During the 1480s, the interior of the church was decorated with frescoes by the famous master Albertus Pictor and his associates.

The church dating back to the 13th century

Charming environments

All around Kyrkbyn are old beautiful buildings and nice small country roads with natural stone walls.

Nice benches right next to the belfry
Pond beautifylly situated
Country road


In the autumn of 2014, we found a plot of 2,760 sqm in our dream location i Täby Kyrkby. We used to live in the southern part of Täby Kyrkby and now we wanted to find something closer to the center and schools. The plot had exactly everything we wanted, situated in a high and free location in the center of Täby Kyrkby. However, the plot was very overgrown and it was difficult to see any view, but when we climbed up to the attic of the old house on the plot we could get a feeling of what the view would be.

View to the west from the attic window of the old house

The dwelling house

On the plot there was a dwelling house that we chose to demolish as the condition of the house was in far too poor condition. 

Picture on the back of the old house
Picture of the front of the old house

Little cottage

On the plot there was also a cute little cottage that we have chosen to keep. We currently use it as storage, but later on there are plans to renovate it and turn it into a guest house.

Picture before we cut down the trees on the plot

The last outdoor toilet in Täby Kyrkby?

There was also an outhouse on the plot that was used into the last of the uncle who lived in the house earlier. We think it must have been Täby’s last outdoor toilet that was located almost at the top of the mountain 😂

Nicely decorated outdoor toilet

Charming paintings

Inside the old house there were paintings on the walls just inside the entrance. Very charming paintings of what we think would represent a painting of the dwelling house and a troll on the mountain 😊

Paintings inside the entrance - the mountain troll?

Diary entries about animal and bird life

In the house we found a huge collection of diary entries with documentation from animal and bird life in the nature around the mountain from the 60s onwards. We chose to submit all these books to the Ornithological Society so that they can preserve the work for the future. We also had a flea market before we demolished the house which was well visited by friends, neighbors and others.

Pictures inside the old house
The day before we were to demolish the house, we had a burglary in the house and they stole, among other things, the wall clock you see at the top right. 😂 We were not particularly upset about that burglary since we had already cleared out the things we thought were special 🙂


Early house sketches

House proposal designed by our son Max, then 7 years old
The first sketch of our dream house that we drew Claes and I before we had met any companies

Great freedom to control the process

As the site was not linked to any developer, we could control the entire process ourselves and choose what suited us best. We invited several pieces, including Myresjöhus, Götenehus, A-hus, Trivselhus and an independent free builder.

We showed our own sketch and said that we wanted something similar to what we had sketched ourselves, but where the architect from the builder was happy to come up with his own ideas and suggestions. The choice fell on Götenehus, who were responsive and listened to our wishes while contributing their own ideas and expertise.

The floor plan developed by Götenehus architect
Götenehus came up with a proposal for a single-storey villa we liked


That first time when the work finally starts is a very special time! Now, finally, everything you have longed for for so long should begin.

The children are excited for the start - the machines are ready to start work on the site
The blasting work on the site was extensive

The surface is prepared and ready

When the work of building the house was finally to begin, it had become winter and very cold.

Beautiful winter picture of the plot that we got sent to us from a future neighbor - much appreciated

The plate in place

So fun to follow all the steps in the process. There are really many steps and a lot of basic work before the first parts of the house start to take shape.

A great deal of basic work before the slab could be cast
The plate in place
Here you can see all the pipes and wires in the plate and the level difference where the small mini staircase should be
Pre-cast plate
Claes and the children on the plot on a nice winter day
Me and two happy children who follow the journey with great anticipation
The scaffolding is ready to wait for the body parts to arrive

The house parts arrive

This part was so exciting to follow! The house parts arrive and are put in place and the whole thing only took a few days. It is unbelievable that an entire house can be assembled so quickly.

Great teamwork to get all the parts in the right place
A giant crane lifted the house parts
Lifting crane with long arms
A craftsman makes sure that the house parts end up right
The whole house in place and the first time we get to see our house in real life 🙂

The interior work begins

Once the house is in place, the interior work can begin. Many people involved in various parts of the work – carpentry, electrical and plumbing, painting work, tile and tile replacement, etc. The interior work took a total of just over 4 months to complete.

A future kitchen island
New material arrives


The floor plan

The floor plan is divided into three parts, a social part with large areas of living room, dining room and kitchen and a bedroom part with walk-in closet and associated bathroom with sauna and finally a separate part for children with social room, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

The children’s part

Another thing we did was to build in an insulating inner wall against the children’s part where the main reason was to make the house less sensitive, which is otherwise a risk for single-storey houses. There was also an idea that the children would soon be teenagers with all that entails of loud music, friends and a greater need for personal space. In the children’s bathroom part there is also a terrace door where they and friends can go in and out themselves.

Walkin-in closet

One thing we really liked about the walk-in closet was that it is open from both sides and just as the sketch on the floor plan shows, it is appropriate to have the bed in the middle and open on both sides towards the wardrobe.

The bedroom with walk-in closet behind

Get a living feeling in the house in a single-storey villa

Some things that we thought were important to keep in mind to get a living feeling in the single-storey villa were to build two steps into the living / dining room towards the kitchen. We have not regretted that choice for a second as it makes the whole house feel cozier and more alive. 

Level difference down to living room and dining area

Color – 2 shades lighter

A tip we got regarding the color choice was to choose 2 shades lighter than what we wanted and when you paint it on a large surface, it will be the color you have in mind. We had a very hard time deciding the color, especially in the bedroom. We had decided which shade we wanted on the samples and it was really difficult to take two shades lighter from the color we saw. But we did it and the result painted then became exactly the color we wanted🙂

Painting test on bedroom wall

Electricity, technology and VA gathered centrally

In the middle of the house we have gathered all the technology, electricity and water and sewerage. Everything is hidden away in a sliding door wardrobe where there is also plenty of space for storage. 

The entire house is controlled from this location including the sound system to the speakers which are located in the roof in central parts of the house and on the terrace outside. 

Easy to access all technology and electricity in the house while there is space for storage

Painted walls instead of wallpaper

We were first fully aware that we would have wallpaper set up in the rooms but it is very difficult to choose the wallpaper before seeing the house. So we decided to have the walls painted instead. If we later want wallpaper, it is much easier to put up on painted walls. 

Painting work in progress


One Thursday at the end of May 2016, we took over the house, what a lucky day The 😀feeling of stepping into your own dream house where no one has ever lived before is indescribable! Seeing everything you had previously only seen in catalogs and on drawings put together into a whole was fantastic and at the same time a little scary. Had we really made the right choice? Did everything fit together? 

View from inside the dining area and outside you see the plot which so far consists of blasted stone
We start furnishing with the first furniture
Getting all the paintings up was a project that took a little longer

First year

The first time we had most focus on getting order inside the house. Furniture, furnishings and paintings would be set up. We quickly realized that it would take time and money to fill all the rooms and spaces with the furnishings we wanted as the house was much larger than our previous house. Even today we are not quite ready but it does not matter that it takes time. Better that it will be the way we want it than that it must go fast. 

The plot is filled with blasted stone and gravel paths

The first year it was barely possible to be outside, especially on the back which consisted of the filling masses from all the explosives. The children were allowed to have the forest as a playground for the time being. 

In the beginning, the whole plot was just filled with large masses of stone
A gravel path outside the entrance

Our house today

A few years later we have know gotten settled in and had some time to work on interior design. Below are some recent pictures from our house interior. 

Nice view from the kitchen island

The dream of a kitchen island

I have always had a dream of a kitchen island and now that we built the house, that dream could come true. We like to cook a lot and this surface really becomes a social gathering place where family and friends gather when the food is prepared.

Convenient with sink at the stove

Choice of materials in the kitchen

It becomes expensive when you have to build a house and make all the choices where everything you want to change costs more. We therefore chose to make some compromises that we thought would be easier to change in the future. One such compromise was to choose wooden benches instead of stone that we really wanted. Wooden benches are also very nice, even though we may one day choose to replace them with stone. 

Properly with cabinets and drawers
Small stairway leading up to the kitchen
Stairway seperates the dining room from the kitchen
Dining table
Dining room overlooking living room
Nice light when the sun sets
Entrance to the porch
Living room

Ceiling height

To get a feeling of space, we chose to have a little extra high ceilings, it is consistently 2.70 m in ceiling height with the exception of the living room where it is up to 4 m in the ridge. When you have such a high ceiling height, we thought it was nice to have extra high floor moldings and we also chose ceiling moldings as we thought it looked more stylish without.

Big avocado tree brought up from a seed 25 years ago
Big fig tree in the corner
View from the living room the the dining room and kitchen


A real cosiness factor in the middle of the living room is the fireplace with a nice granite countertop in black that becomes a decorative piece of furniture. We placed the stove so that you can enjoy it both from the living room and the dining table.

Open fire place, so nice when it gets cold
Plenty of room to decorate by the window sill
Terrace doors from the kids living room
Kids living room
Guest room with an old radio from my husbands grandmother

The hall with Öland sandstone as clinker

In the hall, we chose Öland sandstone with the associated molding stone molding. It is a very durable material and looks like new a number of years later.

Hallway entrance with a bureau from my grandparents

Large laundry room

I have never had a large laundry room and always wanted a larger one where there is plenty of room to handle the laundry. Now we chose to build a large laundry room of about 10 sqm with plenty of space and plenty of storage and benches. Feels so nice to finally have plenty of space to wash and fold laundry!

Big laundry room with both a dryer and a dryer cabinet
Nice light in the laundry room
Our master bathroom with dimmable spotlights

Choice of tiles

We chose for a long time between different tiles, but in the end the choice fell on light sandstone-colored tones on both the floor and the walls.

In the bathroom thera are two doors, one leading to our bedroom and the other leading to the dining rom

Choice of dresser 

We chose the series flow from Vedum for the chests of drawers in the bathroom. Very happy with the choice as it gives a harmonious feeling in the bathroom.

The other door leading to the dining room
Door leading to sauna
Bathroom in the kids section
Our bedroom
Blackout curtains
Color of the wall is bluegrey and the curtains are grey
Walk-in closet in the back with a big wardrobe

House exterior and garden

If you are curious to know what we have done just outside of our house and in the garden. Please continue our journey here!

Our future projects

Soon we will start another project of building a new driveway and a garage with a little flat on top. Make sure to follow our continued journey by subscribing to blog posts and you will get all the latest on our new adventures 🙂

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