About me

Hello there!

My name is Magdalena and I live together with my wonderful husband Claes and our two beautiful children Mikaela, 14 years, and Max, 12 years, in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. 

A few years ago we found our dream plot and built a home we love. This fall in 2020, our journey continues when we build a garage and a new driveway. 

I have many interests and projects, in the past its been alot about traveling and exploring new adventures and places. I have scuba dived in the barrier reefs in Cairns Australia, I have been caving and white water rafting in West Virginia, US and I have bungy jumped in Stockholm city and much more. I went to college in the United States, Ohio and I have traveled to many countries such as New Zeeland, Australia, Turkey, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and many other countries. There are so many more countries I want to visit in the future but right know my life is filled with other engagements.

Since we started our house building journey I have found new interests such as interior design and gardening. There is something so peaceful and rewarding in working in the garden,  to plant new herbs and flowers and see them grow. One day I want to have a greenhouse in the garden. 

On a daily basis, I work as a market analyst with analysis in the housing industry for a big house developer here in Sweden. 

In this blog I write and gather information and inspiration about everything that has to do with house building, interior design, exterior design and gardening. 

My family and I on a vacation to Spain last year
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