Our garage is in place!

The project with a new driveway, garage and carport continues and now the building is in place. It has been wet and rainy for a while now so it has to dry out properly before we can start installing the insulation. 

Below, the garage is put together step by step.

The first wall parts are assembled
The walls set up
Roof gable is ready to be built
One gable in place and the trusses are set up piece by piece
The carport is also in place and now the entire building is in place
Evening picture of the garage construction
The panel in place
Roofing felt in place
Roofing felt on both sides, now the roof tiles will soon be laid
And then there was snow in between too, the work continues after Christmas 🙂

The garage project will be completed to extent so that it will possible to start using the garage and the carport. We will continue to work on the apartment, that will be located on top of the garage, this summer. First we will paint the garage one more time and then we will work on the inside ourselves – lay floors, putty, paint and build a wardrobe, etc. Follow our continued journey here on the blog and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ boenderesor /

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