Our natural stone wall is almost finished

The first year when we moved into our new house, we built these blasted stone walls. Now the work continues with more blasted stone walls around the house at the garage driveway. Just love how they look and frames the house so beautifully.

This is what the walls looked like this summer before we started further work with natural stone walls

Now we continue the work with the wall and below the basic work begins. The wall must be built so that it ends up as high as the pillars.

This is how nice the wall became when it is ready, straight and nice! Next year there will be Christmas lighting on this part of the wall as well. This summer i will probably plant some nice flowers between the walls.

The wall is drying
Here the ground is prepared for the garage construction and the carport
The wall goes up along the mountain edge that can be seen in the picture
Evening picture of the walls

The blasting stone wall will continue all the way down to the mailbox. Here the work is prepared with the bottom layer of the wall. 

The wall will be quite high, all the way up to the forest edge as seen in the picture

This week the garage is coming so it will be exciting to see when it will be in place. More pictures on the blog are coming🙂

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