A fun and creative Halloween

A fun season every year is Halloween! Decorations, costumes, creative food and fun parties Рgrateful for both children and adults!

We usually invite some friends, eat good food and arrange fun activities. This year we had a slimmer version because of Corona and only invited a couple of friends. The children and I usually have a lot of fun when we plan everything scary the guests will experience. Everything from tombstones with someone climbing up from the grave to dry ice that becomes like a smoke machine and then all the food of course! There is so much on this theme and here I share some decorations, activities, costumes and food we have had over the years.

We begin with…


A zoombie tried to get up from the grave (hands visible at the far end)
Here we had a murder in the bathtub 2 years ago, not solved so far!
Decorations this year with light loops that give a cozy glow.
In the US (Ohio) around Halloween which I visited a few years ago
A pumpkin that feels bad!
The clown IT, painted by my daughter Mikaela. See more of her art by clicking here.
Nice light loops at the coffee table
Cobwebs and light loops in the lawyer tree
Happy Halloween!


Always fun every year to try to come up with new things to wear. Here are some picks from our guests and ourselves over the years.

We had a nice visit from a handmade monster jaw and zoombie woman, the clown IT can also be seen on the right
Donald Trump! One of our guests was thinking about the scariest thing he could think of and it was Donald himself!
Help! Jason (Max) is trying to kill me!


There are many fun activities you can do and here are some things we have done recently. Last year we had a costume contest, best costume and most creative costume won! We have also had dry ice in the bonfire and dry ice final and quiz competition.

Quiz competition

This year we organized a small quiz competition in the forest we have behind the house. I arranged small scary stations with light loops and lanterns in the woods and the questions I had set up as notes on the trees. Guests were given flashlights and a map to follow. Here are questions and answers if anyone wants to implement.


1. What day is Halloween?
2. What is the name of “the kind ghost”?
3. What does a vampire drink?
4. Where is Count Dracula’s castle?
5. Which country holds the title of “The World’s Heaviest Pumpkin”?
6. What colors characterize Halloween?
7. What is the Swedish word for Halloween?
8. Which character is the creature from the movie IT best known for posing as?


1. 31 October
2. Casper
3. Blood
4. Transylvania in Romania
5. Switzerland. It was a total of 1, 190 kilos
6. Black and orange
7. Alla Helgons Afton (All Saints’ Eve)
8. Clown


There is a lot of fun food you can make on Halloween. Here are some tips on good dishes.

Cut pumpkin with guacamole and nacho chips
Root structure in pumpkin-cut shapes. Boil them a little lightly before cutting them so it will be easier to slice them. When everything is ready, add a little oil and salt. Feel free to add some rosemary leaves and garlic also for a slightly better taste. Then roast in the oven until they get a nice color.
Hamburgers can easily be decorated in fun shapes
Ghost cake, se recipe by clicking on photo (recipe in Swedish so use Google translate)

Hope you have a fun Halloween despite Corona! Regardless of whether you invite guests home or not, it is still possible to do a lot of fun such as cooking scary food and decorating creatively!

Happy Halloween!

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