Our house building journey continues with a new garage

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Our garage project

We are building a garage and a carport with a small apartment on top of about 25 sqm. We will asphalt the driveway and continue to lay natural stone walls all the way from the stairs down to the road. 

This is what the floor plan looks like for the garage, the carport, and the apartment on top
This is the sketch we have done on the floor plan for the apartment of about 25 sqm
It is a long driveway we have and there will be a natural stone wall that will frame this whole side
Retaining walls on the side facing the neighbor

In order to gain land space and cope with the load of vehicles, we needed to plan the construction of retaining walls on the side facing the neighbor. To be able to build a retaining wall, you need to start by digging out and preparing the ground. Just at the end of the excavation, we discovered a big boulder, but it could be solved by placing a lower L-support right there.  

Preparations to be able to build retaining walls, the boulder comes down right at the end of the excavation as seen in the picture
This is what it looks like with the L-support in place
Work is underway here to prepare the ground for a garage slab
Mountains in the way of piping

When the driveway was excavated to be able to prepare for piping of water and sewage it was quickly discovered that the mountain went just below the surface. Fortunately it was still possible to solve the problem by using insulated culvert boxes for water and sewage pipes. Together with a heating cable, the box can be laid superficially just below the ground. 

The insulating box is usually used when the ground conditions are difficult, such as mountainous environment. If you can avoid blasting, thats what you want to do it as it is very expensive and can be complicated depending on what the mountain looks like. Our mountain turned out, during our house construction (in 2016), to be full of cracks and cavities. This created a lot of problems as the blasting did not give full effect as it otherwise does when the rock is solid. The blasting work became complicated and took time. We are very happy that we now did not have to go thru that again this time.

This is what our insulation box looks like
Stones for the natural stone wall

There were a lot of large boulders under the ground, which was great as we need all the stone later on for the construction of the continued natural stone wall.

All boulders were saved and will be used later
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